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$wsusserver = "wsus" [reflection.assembly]:: Load With Partial Name("Microsoft. Then I loop through the updates, approving every update for every group. However, I use a loop here, just to be able to add more groups later.

NET Update Services object into the $wsusserver variable and use the Start Synchronization() method to start manual synchronization. First I load the Windows Update Assembly, so I can use the WSUS . Then I'm preparing the variables that I need to work with the WSUS object: Then I'm setting up the Update Scope interval to get only updates created within the last month.

The GUID is the key that allows me to establish relationships between the update status objects and computer names.

In the third loop ( method of the update service object (that the $wsus variable represents).

Right after installing WSUS, you have to configure periodic synchronization. [string[$recipients = [email protected]#Email address where you want to send the notification after the script completes $wsusserver = "wsus" #WSUS server name $log = "C:\Temp\Approved_Updates_.log" -f (Get-Date) #Log file name new-item -path $log -type file -force #Creating log file [void][reflection.assembly]:: Load With Partial Name ("Microsoft. After that, I'm assigning the $Classification and $Categories variables to the corresponding objects. Get Updates($Update Scope) method, I am saving all updates that match my scope to the $updates variable.

Unfortunately, as you can see in the screenshot below, the synchronization options are somewhat limited. Then I'm adding some filtering to remove updates such as Language Pack, Feature On Demand, and Itanium from the results because I don't have these kinds of updates in my environment. Next, I'm looping through the WSUS groups to which I want to assign the updates.

I wrote the Power Shell script I describe in this post due to the recent unfortunate events when the Wanna Cry ransomware infected literally hundreds of thousands of computers.

As usual, the main reason was that people didn't install security updates on time.


However, I quickly found out that the tool is not very flexible. I added comments, so I'll just explain briefly how the script works. Admin Proxy]::get Update Server($wsusserver, $False,8530) #Storing the object into the variable $Update Scope = New-Object Microsoft. To Creation Date = (get-date) #Configuring ending date for Update Scope interval $Update Scope. Clear() #Clearing classification object before assigning new value to it $Update Scope. Add Range($Classification) #Assigning previously prepared classifications to the classification object $Update Scope. Clear() #Clearing the categories object before assigning a new value to it $Update Scope. Add Range($Categories) #Assigning previously prepared categories to the classification object $updates = $wsus. #Storing all updates in the previously defined Update Scope interval to the $updates variable and filtering out those not required foreach ($group in $groups) #Looping through groups $date = Get-Date #Storing the current date into the $date variable "Aproved updates (on " $date "): " | Out-File $log -append #Updating the log file "Updates have been approved for following groups: (" $groups ")" | Out-File $log ‑append #Updating log file "Folowing updates have been approved:" | Out-File $log -append #Updating the log file $updates | Select Title, Product Titles, Knowledgebase Articles, Creation Date | ft -Wrap | Out-File $log -append #Updating log file Send-Mail Message -From "[email protected]" -To $recipients -Subject "New updates have been approved" -Body "Please find the list of approved updates enclosed" -Attachments $log -Smtp Server "smtp-server" -Delivery Notification Option On Failure #Sending the log file by email.This reads several properties of the computer object, such as computer name, IP address, and update status information.Below you can see an example of the WSUS computer object: Next, I create a custom Power Shell object and store it in the $info variable.

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