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This guy was in this crappy house and I got down to the end of the hallway and there was this strange dog and crap everywhere and he was like, 411, and came at me.Revelling, as we all are, in that illusion of invincibility afforded to us by youth, I was unsurprised when Oscar admitted that safety is not his primary concern when it comes to arranging these meetings.) It was obvious to me why middle-aged-and-older people use these sites, whether they be recently divorced, looking for an affair, or simply out of the game for too long.

I had an influx of old men messaging me, one offering 0 for me to sleep with him, as well as lots of young couples wanting threesomes.

This stigma led to some intra-flat tension for Alice, as one of her flatmates never warmed to Charlie the only reason she didnt like him was because he was from online dating and she didnt trust him.

Indeed, though she was perfectly positive when describing her now ex-boyfriend, Alice herself was never fully able to shake the suspicion that there was something shady about him. It was back in third year that the now 23-year-old Oscar felt he was getting a bit long in the tooth when it came to romance.

Unable to handle the pressure, Alices flatmate abandoned ship almost immediately.

But they say that good things come to those who wait, and Alice was pleasantly surprised when Charlie*, an apparently normal law and politics student, messaged her wanting to get to know her.

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Impatient with the desolate Dunedin dating scene, Alice* signed up to NZDating at the tender age of 19.

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